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Milky Way - Italian Biketrial Components | by Bersha91
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Bersha91 вне форума
По умолчанию Milky Way - Italian Biketrial Components
Надеюсь что переводить не стоит

Milky Way is a new way to intend bike trial components. Our focus is the weight, our target is the performance.

We can count on the experience on motorbike racetracks both in world SBK and in World MX Championships.
We use to work also in the biomedical and precision industry field.

Living in Modena, nearby Maranello and Borgo Panigale, we often deal with Ferrari and Ducati engineers, and we have great opportunities to have a sight on high top technolgies in workshops and firms like Pagani, Maserati, and many others.
We have a passion for style, and that's why after putting the strenght, we always go for the beauty in our mechanical components.

We also have a great passion for style and that's why, after having made them lighter and stronger, we always try to put in our design of mechanical components. What is beautiful is also usually works well...

As we're also trial and downhill riders, we just decided to make some know-how transferring of new technologies and concepts to really innovate bike trials.

That is our goal and our philosophy: to bring to market the best state of the art technology available today, supporting the added value of the quality of "Made in Italy".

"Milky Way" is a name that makes it a good idea of what we would do working with you all bike trial riders: a new galaxy of components "of the world"... brilliant and innovative pieces that are always to minimize the result of the formula:
(weight / strength) * price
Our target, in summary, is: (W / S) * P = Min, for each piece we create, design and build.

"Milky Way: Other world components".

Stay tuned...

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Rodneewis вне форума
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Milky Way - Italian Biketrial Components | by Bersha91

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